Monday, August 18, 2008

65 East 55th, Roof

First things first: this is David Copperfield's triplex penthouse, allegedly. I went ahead and tried to indicate the extent of it with that faint orange bracket on the left (go ahead, click on it). Take a look at those 25' columns. Odd detail, no? It looks alien. It looks as if it's descended from space and attached itself to a normal apartment house.
I'm going to start a series on this blog called "Show Me Your Window Washing Rig." This is the first installment. All buildings of this size have them, though you don't see them much and we never talk about them, do we? I find them rather beautiful.

The railing you see there is the track that the window washing rig rides on. The rig itself is stored in a glass and steel pyramid on this level. There's a giant garage door that opens and the rig rides around the perimeter, then back into the garage/pyramid.

Below: if you'll direct your attention to the upper left, those are the reflecting pools of the Segram's Building.


Miguel said...

great beautiful work you do here

ps the word verification on this comment was skies

Citizen Skein said...

Word verifications, I find, often have prescient messages in them.

Thanks for the support.